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Back to the Street where we began…

Where to start? Nanny Jean and I have been reunited, so I guess there will be a few more regular updates, at least for now. I have no idea about if/when my next return to Disney will be. And quite honestly I’m so sad about that, trying to keep positive though. The extra time with Nan is for the moment a blessing, for now. The dementia really is taking its toll but along she plods, keeping herself happy (ish)

So Disney was incredible, I feel like I’ve found a stronger sense of self and an idea about what I really want to achieve, in the short and long term…(marrying Tom hiddleston wouldn’t be a disappointment). I’ve become more comfortable talking about myself, my achievements, my preferences and learned to be proud about what I’ve gone through, what I’ve done and am doing, my plans for my future and generally who I am. I used to close up if people asked me about myself, but I can honestly say now that even if I’m not screaming from the rooftops, I will happily ask any question directed at me, so if there’s anything you want to know drop me a message on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook….

I could feel twinges of depression sneaking back into my bloodstream as we travelled the road back to Nannys house but for the moment I am making a conscious decision to not let it take over. So I’m focussing on getting out of bed every day, doing something productive at least twice a day (although with the amount of laundry I have to do I should probably aim for a little higher level of productivity). I’m also allowing myself to focus on other dreams. I mentioned in a previous post that this blog will soon become a book and I have been making headway on that, and the feedback so far has been astounding. I am also able to spend more time exploring my imagination and starting work on other ideas in the hopes of becoming a successful author (fingers crossed). 

I will write later in the week focussing more on Nanny Jean and the dementia but I just wanted to share my own personal progress. 

As always love and thanks to you all 


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