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Who Watches Over You?

The time has come. I will be ending my contributions to this blog. I will leave it open and return occasionally to read comment etc but this will be my last post.

I would like to start with a massive Thankyou to everybody who has made this blog as recognised as it is and who has helped me spread awareness of dementia. The support Nanny Jean and I received during our time on this blog really overwhelmed us both, especially with the umber of celebrities who got on board. SO once again Thankyou, for brightening so many of our days. 

It took a while for me to make this decision but I truly felt that after moving to Disney there was not much for me to write about with regards to Nanny Jean and the dementia, I was no longer experiencing the effects with her and it felt false to write too much about what I was hearing second hand. 

It was with a very heavy heart this week that mum made the decision to move Nan into a care home (although the choice was more made for her by social services who deem Nanny Jean’s dementia to have progressed to the stage where she may endanger herself by being alone for any given period of time). I think it is safe to say that at first mum and I both felt like we had failed, Nan had always been very vocal about not moving to a home and we did everything we could to prevent it happening. Unfortunately there came a point where I could no longer physically or emotionally carry on being a Carer for Nan, even though I now feel like maybe I could have done more, stayed longer. And mI know mum is also struggling with guilt. 

There was a lot of worry about how Nanny Jean would react once getting to the home, especially with the dementia making things more confusing for her. And of course she has once again proved us all wrong by settling in perfectly. smiling, being described by the Carers as jolly, even venturing out to socialise. She is a completely different person to the one we have ever known, and yes it may only be her second day but it is such a relief. She is making us look like we made up the dementia by being able to navigate her way back to her room with no issues at all. But of course, what else should we have come to expect from Nanny Jean?! I’m certain it has something to do with the newer memories not having been tainted by the dementia yet, thus making her new surroundings seem more familiar than anything else she many have known. 

And so we’ve come to the final chapter, I’m well aware Nanny Jean will be in the care home until her ending comes but if she remains as happy as she is now for at least the most part of it I’m going to find it a much easier scenario to deal with than I first imagined. 
Thankyou Nanny Jean for letting me share your journey with the world, and Thankyou the world for joining us. 

2 thoughts on “Who Watches Over You?

  1. You made Nanny Jean’s life a true joy while you were actively involved in her life. That was a gift of enormous proportions. Bless you for your dedication.

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