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If Your Heart Is In Your Dreams…

I know I said I wouldn’t update here again, but I have some pretty incredible news to share and I thought this would be the best platform to reach the people who have been following mine and Nanny Jean’s story. 

I want to start by saying how well nanny Jean has been doing in the care home, understandably her dementia has increased its hold over her, and she is succumbing more to illnesses, but is still happier than we could have ever hoped.

You may be aware that with the help of Nanny Jean’s input we started this blog, then I turned that into an ebook, well this week we have been able to go one step further and publish Never Knew I Needed as a paperback! It will soon be available on Amazon for people all over the world to buy (I’m looking into getting it translated too) and I will be spamming every social media I have with the link. 

I’m sure nanny Jean would be chuffed to know that something she essentially created has had enough demand to become an actual book, I know I am, so once again thankyou from the very bottom of our hearts for your continued support, we certainly couldn’t have done it without you. 

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