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As promised in my ebook (search Kirsty Elgar on Amazon to download) I wanted to write a list of all the people who have helped and supported both Nanny Jean and I on our journey with dementia. So here it is. If you have been missed off I do apologise, please let me know so I can rectify this, I had nearly 5 years worth of RT’s, comments, emails to go through! 

So without further ado:The biggest thanks of course goes to my loving and supportive family mum, dad, sister, grandma for not letting me hit rock bottom and pushing me to follow my dreams, even when they seemed unachievable. And Nanny Jean for sharing her journey with me and through me for the world to see.

To Kate at unforgettable.org – Thankyou for wanting to share our story. It was a pleasure working with you 🙂

To the social workers and Admiral Nurses and the Carers who cared when I couldn’t anymore – Thankyou for doing the best for Nan and myself. 

A huge Thankyou to the people who signed up for email alerts to the blog meaning you were kept up to date with our every movement as soon as we published;

L. Hinton, J. Mom, S. Rou, K. Fairy, M. Wallien, F. Morris, G. Snow, W. Bitch, P. Trevrobo, J. Grant, A. Vans, D. Sharon, T. Mrt, Zkidoo, S. Dodd, V. Elgar, T. Officer, J. Ron, Z. MCM, L. Searle, T. Homer, D. Lambert, S. Lady

To all the other blogs who followed me on WordPress, for the comments, the shares, the links. Thankyou. Big love to you all;

50statebanana, Russell Deasley, The alchemist, prophetbrahmarishi, Valeriu DG Barbu, Devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, Laurie Shoaf, Jan Hicks, Cna 94, Jlhede, Judila416, starryeyestonight, aswiftcurrent, boomer98053, will, laurie1995, anawallis, philrigby2013, Arya Ingvorsen, Laura, digestible politics, Joy Johnston, jodi melsness, over stand podcast, senior helper smn, beyond memory tc, Emma Henly, Freeda sullivent, jrb says, the better man projects, Taylor oceans, Maggie Mae, one thousand single days, your memoir, Gill Phillips, Kendall F Pearson, Cathy Kellogg’s, American writers exposed, James revels, JT Weaver, girl with the fringe, happy guide, talin401, Kate Swaffer, ebbenton, Jessica, brynrwilliams, miss Lou, pinkopolis, Julian Sherman, Cristian Mihai, Anita pell, lateral love, urban wall art, George Hubc, Glenn Folks, Jeff Moore, Brandye Dague, Kait, Tanner Hawluk, Dennis Cardiff, Robert Perry, Lindy Jordan, Nate Ollie, ikeiaconis, Kate Hannah, Dtnhomecare, Gabriel Lucatero, Alexribello41, one7blog, Joe Seeber, Marmar Dagu-ob, thetruthyoualwaysknew, Chris Martin, reluca stoica, adventureswiththebigA, shadowofiris, A Hines, A G Sillars, Annie Coops, Mason4233, themainmouse28, belikewaterproduction, Jennifer, Twidders, The eye dancers, Mr688475, growupproper, Sorina M, Naomi Whitacre, projectlighttolife, Jordan Latour, Jessi J Steele, Duncan A Jones, Arman Shah, whathappenstous, doctor bipolar, pollock of light, opinionated man, South Bay Nami, Kairo Beach, Brifrischu, Zoe Harris, Katie Mallalieu, roguetheuntouchable, David snape, A DeYoung, Yve’s Corner, dirty sci fi Buddha, kgbethlehem

To everyone on Facebook that accepted my page would constantly be flooded with spam, Thankyou. And a posthumous Thankyou to Katie Whistler who sadly passed away this year but who regularly sent me messages of encouragement and helpful information;

C. Serota, J. Harding, J. Thurston, J. Marcell, M. Medina, E. Antoniou, T. O’Connor, C. Reddington, C. Hot son, N. Clements, K. Edwards, S. Hazell, l. Bowens, Y. Cassidy, V. Fagan, G. Fagan, J. Durand, C. Hussey, R. Welsh, H. Pye, L. Connolly, S. Wright, T. Cassidy, D. Brooks, B. Boardman, A. Hyde, M. Sykes, M. Kaut, Z. Burnett, J. Griffin, R. Rizal, C. Sprake, M. Zehner, E. Lindsey, T. Crucera, A. Collins, J. Moore, S. Gilfrin, C. Bannister, M. Cane, P. Walton, J. Wellburn, M. Wollack, R. Akehurst, E. Brewster, J. Kirby, G. LeBlanc, K. Stuart, N. Jones, D. Appleton, M. Walsh, S. Whelan, N. Mac, F. Villar, K. Baker

To everyone on Twitter, you are amazing for putting up with the levels of spam I was producing, Thankyou for sticking with it and supporting us and always knowing what to say;

AAD Training, AbsoFabso, AE Marling, alison summers, Alasdair_h, AlzheimersSoc, Alzheimers_now, Amanda Bullard, Amazing Women, amethyst tige, amy smith, andy bradley, angela, anna hepburn, anna maslin, anne marie rileY, anne marie wadsworth, anne monsen, arya ingvorsen, bethyb1886, brendan mcnabb, bryn r williams, Caregiving Tweets,, Carers Tweets, CarersU, Caroline Bartle, Charitybegin, charlotte emily, Chel, claire ferris, Connecting Shef, Ctrying, Curtis Ashford, daa carers action, dallimore emma, darren gormley, Day Clock, Debbs3006, Dee Richards, Demenshare, Dementia Friends, Dementiagoal, Dementia Journey, dementia skills, Dementia UK, dementia_tch, denise m brown, Denise Wild, Denton83, Diversealz, designelf, Dorothy Sander, Duetcare, James Lloyd, D rock trot, dr ms krish, edanaming, elin lowry, familychat7, Fran Worley, geir hansen, GeleTea, hilary marmot, Hollie Bradley, Hilgos Foundation, Heulwenann, Jakkicowley, Jenny Collins, Janice Davidson, jlesbriel, jo moriarty, jrb says, jude dale, julie line, Just Jones, Karen Steadman, Kandjbaker, karims32, karin, Kate L Hynes, kate swaffer, kim pennock, kimbohud, Lee, lee turner, Legal Aware, lilyjones, Liversedgelass, LivHome, livslop,liz faye, liz strange, lucyjmarsters, marian kelly, marian naidoo, Marnie Memoirs, martyn, max wallack, MD Comms, messy bird, Mecca3ie, Neil7253, Rachelleach1, KInq_baller, Mika Kenner, Mike Whitmore, ming ho, mkill, neeru sharma, norman mcnamara, nursemaiden, oodell18, Oxford Healthcare, Orange chuck, Phil Rigby, Rachel Carey, Rachelle Emberton, richardadalton, roger armitage, Rhollo08, rorsdm, Scottishmon, rose harwood, sally dunn, sam arnold, sarah gamp, sarah muir, sav jnr, Scouts Honor, Shaun Bailey, shirleyayres, simona florio, SparkleRain, susan bevis, Suzys Open Heart, Teddy McNabb, The Cottages, The Optimist, TommynTour, Tommytommytee18, ToTakeCare, Tristan Reid, TSD_Director, vm banister, wakelym, waring amanda, whoseshoes, yecco 

And finally a massive thanks to all the celebrities who have helped us by RTing and spreading the blog further than we could have ever imagined. Meaning we reached more people who needed to learn about dementia. Your support truly meant the world, so Thankyou from the bottom of my heart;

adele silva, aimee richardson, amber riley, amrita acharia, anne vosser, arlene phillips, art parkinson, ben hawkey, daniel portman, Davina McCall, esme bianco, eugene simon, freema agyeman, gemma whelan, ian mcilhinney, iwan rheon, joe altin, john partridge, jon lee, kerry ingram, kyle t cowan, laura pradelska, lynda bellingham (RIP), matt di angelo, miltos yeremelou, ralph ineson, Robert bladen, Rob van dam , roxanne mckee, sally lindsay, vicky mclure